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Meet the WINOS

We are delighted you visited our blog. Inspired by our ever growing love and appreciation for wine county, grape stomping and regular sipping, we look forward sharing our wine experiences with you.

Understand, we are not wine snobs. We are WINOS! 

As true Minnesotans, we can enjoy a glass of wine during both a frigged winter storm indoors or humid summer evening on the patio. Both Minnesota seasons (winter and summer - ha!) set a perfect stage for popping the cork on a new bottle of vino.

We are not breaking the budget on wine, but we are buying (and drinking) around 2-4 bottles of wine per week. The majority of our wine selections range between $8-20 per bottle. Typically we lean towards red wines. We may toss in a white or rose here and there to shake things up.

Sit back. Relax. Pour yourself a glass of wine and Happy Reading!

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